1963 Black Fuel Injected Corvette

Here is an update on everything we found during our second inspection of the 1963 Black Fuel Injected Corvette.

First we’ll start with some of the problems we found on the car.

  •  We know that the car has been in an accident and fiberglass has been fixed.  The front left fender has been repaired along with the rear lower quarter panel.  The work on the front fender is decent, but the rear quarter panel will need a little work – nothing major.
  • The parking brake cables need replaced.
  • We noticed that work has been done on the right rear suspension, most likely it is tied to the fiberglass damage in the rear.
  • The rear brake hose mounting bracket needs fixed on the left side.
  • After market exhaust has been installed on the car.
  • The spring for the clutch linkage is wrong.
  • Frame rail on the left side has been dented in.  This is most likely linked to the fiberglass repair on the left front fender.
  • The suspension bushings need to be replaced.

In the previous posting on the ’63 we also listed thing we found wrong in the engine compartment.  Also, we know that we will find other things wrong if you do purchase the car, that is a given.  However, none of this should discourage you from purchasing the car for a reasonable price.  These are all typical things that you would expect to find on any vehicle that old.  More so, the car has the original FI unit, motor, tranny (we believe it is right, but we will confirm with the numbers), differential.  The fiberglass underneath the care is in superb condition, and the interior is great.  Also, there are a lot of original parts on the car.

Now for the list of numbers we found.

  • Differential: CE3  22  63
  • Transmission:  3112105 (stamped), WC 25 (stamped), T10-7D (casted), 3813490 (casted), T10D-1 (casted).
  • Shifter Plate:  28634
  • Bell Housing:  GM  3788421
  • Lower Left Spark Plug Shield:  354425
  • Fuel Pump Boss:  4TN
  • Coolant Reservoir:  Harrison 3155416, 76 E
  • Wiper Arms:  Pat. #  251129, 2564819, 2804639, CAN 1948 Made in USA.
  • Windshield: Sunshade Solex Duplate, Laminated safety float, ASI M30 2566 Dot 18.
  • Rear Tail Lights:  Guide RI 58, Guidex
  • Front Marker Lights:  Guide F2-60, Crystal 5950982
  • Steering Box:  666723{13} (the last two numbers we are unsure of).

We will need to go through these numbers to see if they match up or not.


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