1963 Corvette Frame and Chassis Paint

In this post, we will show and demenstrate the process taken to complete our 1963 Corvette Frame and Chassis Paint job.

We cleaned and painted all the suspension and chassis parts and we prepped and painted the Corvette frame.

1963 Corvette Frame and Chassis Paint

After sand blasting the suspension components.

1963 Corvette Frame and Chassis Paint

We had the frame sand blasted and here you can see the rear bump stop mount that someone cut off so they could run larger tires.

1963 Corvette Frame and Chassis Paint

We cut the old mount out and installed new ones.

On the frame there were multiple spots where the frame was dented from being lifted with a floor jack.  This spot is the front cross member under the engine.  We heated the dents and pulled the dents out as much as we could, then we filled the dents with metal reinforced filler (similar to J-B Weld).

Here is another spot where the frame had been dented up by a floor jack.

After having the frame blasted and getting it flipped over we noticed this one spot that was torn.  This is the recess in the frame where the front coil spring sits.

We bent the tear back into place and welded it out.  We then ground it smooth and used a little filler to finish it off.

Here you can see some of the body work that was done to finish out the dents and patch pieces we put in.

The Brake drums and backing plates after paint.

Misc chassis and steering parts after paint.  You’ll notice that some of the parts are painted gray and some are black.  Parts that are black will either be chassis semi-gloss black or gloss black.  Gray parts need to be bare steel, but we don’t want a multitude of suspension parts rusting so we primed them until we gave them a bare steel treatment.

More suspension parts after paint.

And now the Coup de grâce, the frame after paint.  Restored to factory condition and looks fantastic!

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