1963 Corvette Frame Stencil

In this post, we will show and demonstrate the process taken to paint the 1963 Corvette Frame Stencil and more.

We stenciled the frame, marked the pull date, marked the shim counts, and blasted and painted the corvette wheels.

1963 Corvette Frame Stencil

Here is one of the wheels painted.  The wheels were first painted low gloss black, then just the front side of them was painted gloss black.  Here you can see the front side.

1963 Corvette Frame Stencil

Here is the location of the frame stencil.  We flipped the chassis over so we could paint the stencil right side up (the stencil should appear upside down when the car is assembled).

1963 Corvette Frame Stencil

Here is the stencil that Quanta provided us with. We taped it down to the frame and masked around it.  Then we sprayed paint on it.

Here is the frame stencil after paint.   The problem is, the stencils were painted using a roller and Quanta gives you a spray can.  You’ll notice that the bottom numbers appear fuzzy, this is because of over-spray.  This concerned us so we removed the stencil and tried rolling it on.  This came out terrible as the paint bled under the stencil and wouldn’t work for judging.

Using the stencil and some vinyl masking we have at the shop, we cut the stencil into the vinyl masking by hand.

We then adhered the stencil to the frame.

We chose the vinyl stencil method because it had a full adhesive back that will keep it from lifting off the frame and allowing over-spray.

Here is the finished stencil.  It came out perfect, hopefully the NCRS doesn’t think it is to perfect!

Here is the hand written frame pull date.  After our own research we found that it was typical for the frame pull date to be one day before the build date.

Here is how the passenger side of the frame looks now.

At the factory, the number of shims required for mounting the body was marked on the frame at each body mount location.  Here are the marks on the frame for that.  Once the frame markings are completed, we can began to install all the major components.

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