1968 Ford Mustang Intake Manifold Leak

Our 1968 Ford Mustang showed some signs of life after the carburetor and fuel systems were rebuilt.  Unfortunately  the Mustang did not run correctly.  With some diagnosis we found the 1968 Ford Mustang Intake Manifold Leak was preventing the carburetor from working correctly.  Here is a video on how we diagnosed the leak.

Once we determined that the manifold was pulling air in and bypassing the carburetor we orders some new intake manifold gaskets and valve cover gaskets from Fel-Pro.

We made sure to block off all the intake ports and placed rags in the lifter valley to prevent debris from getting inside the engine.

After the manifold was remove we started the tedious task of scraping the gaskets off the head surfaces.  We used a combination of razor blades and scrapers to get the big stuff off then finished the surface with 120 grit sand paper on a sanding block.

After cleaning off all the grease in the parts washer we glass bead blasted the manifold to make it look new.

After making sure we had all the glass beads removed from the manifold we painted it the correct shade of Ford Blue.

Onto the valve covers.

The valve covers received the same clean and blast treatment as the intake manifold.

The valve covers also received a fresh coat of Ford blue.

Here is the finished product.  At first glance the engine looks like new.

Now the carburetor can be tuned and the car will run correctly. Looks like new!




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