The Crew

Joel “Jonesy”

Joel is Chief Executive Officer and Shop Manager.  A Washington State University Manufacturing Engineering graduate, Joel also holds an Applied Science degree in Automotive Technology. Joel is an ASE Certified Automotive Mechanic with over 15 years of experience working on custom and collector vehicles.

Andrew “Barnsie”

Andrew is a Design and Fabrication Engineer.  A 2008 Washington State University Mechanical Engineering graduate, he joined Jonesy’s in 2007.  A versatile employee, Andrew designs and fabricates custom parts ranging from simple mounting brackets to complex automotive systems.  In addition to his fabrication skills he is a 62 and 63 Corvette restoration expert.

Francisco “Pancho”

Francisco has specialized in auto body and paint since 2009.  With his work ethic, attention to detail, and enthusiasm for a job well done, Francisco is a critical and versatile member of the team.

Shawn “Half Cocked”

Shawn’s project management as well as his passion for off road vehicles and ability to think outside of the box make him a great asset to our team.

Dennis “The Denwa”

As a former “early days” customer turned resident “old guy” Dennis has become such a regular over the years that he has earned a spot on the roster.  His positive attitude and generosity to help out on almost any task makes him invaluable.

Bob “Pops”

With 30 years of engineering and project and facilities management under his belt Pops specializes in  product design, CNC cutting as well as facility maintenance.