Service FAQ:

How much does a typical restoration cost?

Each project is unique and requires a tailored approach to meeting our Customer’s quality, budget and schedule requirements.  Properly defining the scope of the project will greatly affect the cost of each project.  In many cases, we are able to extend the time line of the restoration to assist with tight budget requirements.  We are committed to working with each Customer to develop a realistic and honest project plan.  Understanding what the word “restored” means to you is critical to preparing a project estimate.

What is the shop hourly rate?

Our shop rate is $75.00 per hour.

Can I perform any of the work myself?

Yes!  We are happy to help develop a plan that allows you to participate in the restoration/customization as much or as little as you would like.  Completion of safety training as well as compliance with all safety rules is required to be in our shop.  A Jonesy’s employee will also work with you at all times at our standard hour rate.   Depending on how often you would like to participate, shop coveralls are available for use.  Alternatively, you are welcome to perform some tasks at your home shop.  We can provide references of past Customers who have been actively involved in their restoration

How long does a typical restoration take?

There is no such thing as a typical restoration.  Each Jonesy’s project is unique with respect to scope, timeline and quality.  Obviously restoring a Corvette to compete for the prestigious Duntov award is very different than repainting a classic vehicle for cosmetic reasons only.  We encourage you to contact us to discuss the specifics of your project needs so we can assist you with preparing an appropriate schedule that meets your goals.

Do you provide other services, like pick up and delivery?

Yes.  We can arrange for hauling your vehicle to and from our shop.  We charge a $75/hour fee to cover the labor and equipment costs for this service.

Can you help me plan my project?

Yes.  We are well equipped to help you create a feasible road map to reach your project goals.  In addition to establishing a project plan, we can also refer you to reputable restoration resources specific to your vehicle’s make and model.  Depending on the scope and timeline of your project, we can work on an hourly basis or for a flat consulting fee per project plan.

How do you invoicing and do you take deposits?

Depending on the magnitude of the project invoices are dispersed bi-monthly or monthly depending and are due on receipt.  We gladly accept all major credit cards as well and checks and cash for payments.  We generally do not accept deposits.  With that said if invoices are not paid promptly work will not continue unless it has been pre-paid.   Many customers elect to have invoices automatically charge to credit card.

Are you accepting new customers?

The simple answer is yes!  The difficulty is that current and past Jonesy’s customers have privileges to bypass any new customer projects.

What if I have more questions?

Send us an email:

Product Sales FAQ:

Why don’t you list all the products available from a certain vendor?

It goes agaisnt our philosophy to try and sell you stuff we don’t use.  On top of that we feel that vendors create redundancy in ther products which mearly creates confusion.  Consequently we hand pick all of the products that we have listed on our site.  Being selective about what we sell takes away product confusion keeps our site clean and easy to navigate.  If you would like us to sell something we don’t have listed let us know by sending us an email:

I ordered stuff from your website when will it ship?

Most orders ship within three business days.  Tracking information will be provided when the items leaves the facility.  In the rare case that our inventory is wrong and we don’t have the part in stock we will contact you ASAP.

Do you accept returns?

Yes.  As long as the part is in new unused condition and the return has been authorized by Jonesy’s.  Shipping fees will not be refunded.  Returns older than 15 days may not be accepted and or have a 25% restocking fee applied.   Of course if we messed up or the product is defective we will gladly take it back or provide you with a replacement.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes.  Send us an email at with the items you would like to purchase and we will send you a quote.

How do I know your site is secure?

Jonesys.com exceeds all industry standards reguarding website security.  We maintian SSL certifacation as well as stay PCI compliant.  In addition all of our credit card transcaction are done through a third party well known payment proccesing company.  All of this means you can be sure that we are doing our best to keep your information secure.

Do you have a retail store location?

Not at this time.