1963 Corvette Bodywork and Repair

In this post, we will demonstrate the process taken to complete the 1963 Corvette Bodywork and Repair on the Split Window Coupe.

We have finished stripping all the paint off the Corvette and have started the body work on it.  We have also receive a few more of the original parts for the Corvette.

1963 Corvette Bodywork and Repair

 The next few photos show fiberglass reinforcing.

1963 Corvette Bodywork and Repair


 Here body filler is being spread onto the panels to start making them flat.



 You may remember that the door on the passenger side did not fit well at all.  We reinstalled the doors and mocked them up to start fitting them with bodywork. It appears that the door was a bad fit from the factory and we had to make modifications.

 We couldn’t alter the window frame on the door so we fit the door as best we could then found it still needed to drop down more.  We removed the door hinges and slotted the holes a little more to give us better adjustment.  This will all be covered up and won’t be visible for judging.

 After machining the hinges we blasted and painted them with primer. Now they look brand new.


The voltage regulator showed up, it looks great.

Here you can see the 3A mark, this is for January (A) of 1963 (3)

Here is the alternator for the Corvette.

Here you can see the date coding, 3A14.  This stands for January (A) 14th (14) of 1963 (3).



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