Intro to high build primer and Wet Sanding

We have sprayed high-build primer on the body, hood, and trunk lid of our Plymouth.  In case you are not familiar with high-build primer, it’s a thick primer that is applied to the body in heavy coats after all the major body work is done.  It fills all the small imperfections in the body work and gives a smooth final surface after it is sanded out.  The next step will be a sealer then color and clear coat.

The trunk after high-build.  Make sure to use guide coat and a sanding block.  Never ever sand with your bare hand.

The body and hood of the Plymouth have been sanded out. Here we are finishing up wet sanding the trunk lid. You want to start sanding the high build primer with 220 grit dry and then switch over to wet sanding at the 320 and higher grit papers.  Metallic colors need a minimum of 400 grit wet and solid lighter colors you can usually stop at 320.