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We offer our bare metal restoration service in three sizes to suit your needs.  Small medium and large.  Just send us your parts in the correct size of USPS flat rate box and leave the rest to us.

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If you have ever restored a car or Corvette to high judged levels you know you need to get your metal finishes “correct” and that includes the parts that originally came bare metal, as cast, or just plain naked from the factory.   After exposure to the elements these parts rust and that just won’t work if you are restoring a car.  Your options are to paint them and take your point losses, sand blast them and take your point losses, let them rust and take your point loses or send them to us and let us restore them and protect the correct “as cast, bare metal” finish with a corrosion preventative finish.

It is simple place all the bare metal parts you need the bare treatment on in a USPS flat rate box that suits your part quantity and size and send them to us.  Small, Medium and Large.   We will clean, sand blast and treat your parts to the bare treatment and coat them with a corrosion inhibitor that will keep the new finish looking great.

As with all of our services your parts never leave our facility and never mingle with other peoples parts.  This means you always get back exactly what you send us.

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