1959 GMC 4X4 Truck Part 2

With every project we start with a good punch list.  The owner of this 1959 GMC provided us with the following:
To download the spreadsheet Click here: 59 GMC 4X4 Truck work list

After reviewing the list and adding my comments we decided the best place to start was with a good washing.  Then once the truck was clean we went through the list and line by line and documented the good and the bad.  As for the engine it has been determined that the casting number is a 397001 which corresponds to a 302 through 350 two or four bolt block between 1968 and 1980.  Unfortunately I cannot see the casting date code.

From here we will refine the punch list into need parts and labor items.  Most of our restoration parts for the 1959 GMC will be ordered from LMC Truck.  Other generic parts will come from local suppliers.  Hopefully the truck will be running soon.