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1968 Ford Mustang Comes Out of Storage


Classic cars just sit…..and sit…….and sit, until finally someone gets tired of paying storage or gets the motivation to see the old car ride again.  This was just the case for our 1968 Ford Mustang.  The car’s California registration ran out in 1991 and since we are in Washington I think it is safe to […]

1963 Corvette electronic components

1963 Corvette Electronic Components


In this post, multiple 1963 Corvette electronic components are refurbished and installed.  We  installed the gauge cluster and all of its components in the 1963 corvette.  We blasted and painted the jack and handle.  After the jack and Handle were refurbished, the team installed the radio, defroster duct, radio speaker, speaker grill, and voltage regulator […]

My trunk won't pop open

My trunk won’t pop open


We come across a lot of  wiring problems and it is nice when the diagnosis is as easy as a fuse.  Hot Rods are often wired by people who don’t really know what they are doing and that was the case here.   Because this car has a solenoid that pops the trunk latch open, it would […]