1963 Corvette Electronic Components

In this post, multiple 1963 Corvette electronic components are refurbished and installed.  We  installed the gauge cluster and all of its components in the 1963 corvette.  We blasted and painted the jack and handle.  After the jack and Handle were refurbished, the team installed the radio, defroster duct, radio speaker, speaker grill, and voltage regulator into the 1963 Corvette.

1963 Corvette electronic components


Here is the clock that goes in the center console. We opened it up and repainted the needles and cleaned and polished the plastic lens.

Here is the installing of the rear tail lights.

Here are the inner fender splash shields, which we stapled and installed the new seals.

We cleaned and installed the original tach cable.

1963 Corvette Electronic Components

Here is the speaker grill after repainting and installation.

The original headlight switch (correct) after a little walnut shell blasting to clean it up.  We found that one of the terminals on the switch was broken so we disassembled the switch, cleaned all the terminals, fixed the broken terminal, and re-zinced the metal cover plate.

Here is the headlight switch after the rebuild.

1963 Corvette Electronic Components

The original cigarette lighter was found to be dated and contained an original 63′ mark.

The element was crusty and rusted, which was then bead blasted.  The element was then checked to see if it functioned properly for the PV.

We disassembled and repainted the head light switch.

1963 Corvette Electronic Components

Here is the whole gauge cluster after installation.  The team also installed the headlight switch, wiper switch, cigarette lighter, and the ignition switch.

When we had the gauges gone through, we had the odometer rolled back to zero.

On the bottom of the dash, the headlight motor switch and side vent pull cables were installed.

Here are the original jack and handle after bead blasting.

Here is the jack after paint.

Here is the jack handle after paint.

Next, the clock and radio were installed in the center console.

After the clock and radio were installed, the speedometer cable was installed.

Here is the heater controls installed in the center console.

Last, the voltage regulator was installed.

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