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1959 GMC 4X4 Truck Part 2


With every project we start with a good punch list.  The owner of this 1959 GMC provided us with the following: To download the spreadsheet Click here: 59 GMC 4X4 Truck work list After reviewing the list and adding my comments we decided the best place to start was with a good washing.  Then once […]

Trees had to be trimmed and the truck had to be snaked through a narrow path to get it out to the street.

1959 GMC 4X4 Truck


We are starting a new project at Jonesy’s, well it is new to us.  This 1959 GMC 4X4 Truck like many restoration projects stalled out about 15 years ago.  Life happens people move and projects get set aside.  This is a very common story in the world of collector and classic cars and truck.  After […]


Off-Road Fabrication


Off-Road Fabrication Jonesy’s Off-Road Fabrication If you have been following our shop blog for awhile you would already know we have been building off-road vehicles and parts for many years. But, what you may not know is Jonesy’s Inc. has been working very hard as of late to produce a series of custom fabricated off-road […]