Off-Road Fabrication

Off-Road Fabrication

Jonesy’s Off-Road Fabrication

If you have been following our shop blog for awhile you would already know we have been building off-road vehicles and parts for many years. But, what you may not know is Jonesy’s Inc. has been working very hard as of late to produce a series of custom fabricated off-road accessories, manufactured in house and available to the general public.

We are proud to announce our new brand, “Jonesy’s Off-Road Fabrication”


Our main focus began with specialized recovery brackets for the Toyota Land Cruiser.



Along with the new and innovative Recovery Brackets, we have designed a new way to mount and secure your Toyota Land Cruiser Interior Spare Tire. Instead of under the vehicle, we have made it possible to secure it on the inside.


We have now expanded to include an entire aftermarket parts line up applicable to many off-road vehicles, including Land Cruisers and Jeeps.

Bare with us as we massage it’s final form. Have fun browsing our selection of parts from Jonesy’s Off-Road Fabrication and our select vendors.

Happy New Year!

Off-Road Fabrication

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