1959 Chevrolet Rust Repair

All the remaining 1959 Chevrolet Rust Repair panels for the cab and doors have arrived from LMC Truck   The rust repair starts by laying out the cuts.  Theses cuts are determined by a couple of factors: removing all the rust, and the size of the repair panel.

A piece of masking tape makes a straight line for you to follow with your cutting tool. We use a variety of die grinders and pneumatic body saws.

Once you have removed the rusted section use a wire wheel mounted on a die grinder to clean the inside of the cavity.  Then rinse it with a wax and grease remover to remove any surface contaminates.  There is no way for primer to be sprayed into this spot once the new panel is welded in so we coat it with Chassis Saver paint.

Here you can see the evidence of the old rust repair that must have been done before MIG welders and patch panels were available.  You can see our new 1959 Chevrolet Rust Repair formed panel sitting  on top of the door.  The 1959 Chevrolet rust repair  panels we got from LMC Truck are close to the originals but they are in no way  a perfect match.  With that said they it is always better to start with a preformed panel then building it from scratch.

Here is a shot inside the door.  You can see that the sand blaster cannot remove any of the rust trapped inside the door.

We cleaned the inside of the door as best we could with a wire wheel and  then used solvent to remove any contaminates.  Finally we brushed in the chassis saver to seal and stop all the rust.

The new 1959 Chevrolet Rust Repair panel welded in place.  We took our time welding it is so that we do not warp the door.

Once all the repairs are finished we rolled the cab into the booth blew it out and cleaned it so we can get it sealed up with epoxy primer.  Here are the links to the products we used in this post

Chassis Saver

LMC Truck


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