94 Corvette HVAC Controls

In this post we show you how to clean the heater and air conditioning controls in a 1994 Chevrolet Corvette.  The buttons would intermittently not work.  This is a very common problem with theses Corvettes.  Check out our post on the 94 Corvette stereo problem to see how to remove the trim and heater vent.

Here is the HVAC controller before removal.

After removing the two screws that hold it in all that is left is a connector in the back.

The controller after removal.

There are six screws that hold the cover on, three can be seen here.

After removing the cover, the circuit board is exposed.

The top circuit board pulls off of the lower circuit board.

Two screws hold the lower circuit board in.

After removing those screws, the lower circuit board lifts up and the gray rubber pad is exposed.  The contacts are under this pad.

Once the gray pad is pulled back, the contacts are exposed.  We cleaned them with a pencil eraser (pink erasers contain a very fine sand that helps with erasing pencil lead, it also works well for cleaning contacts).  We did notice a difference in color of the contacts after cleaning them.  Afterward we wiped the contacts with some cleaner and reassembled the controller and put it back in the vehicle.   The controls now are very responsive and work great.