1962 Corvette Jack Modification

In this post, we will demonstrate and show the process taken to complete the 1962 Corvette Jack Modification.


1962 Corvette Jack Modification

Here is the reproduction jack as we know it.  Don’t worry, it’s a standard deduction.


Here is the nut that is indexed incorrectly.  The originals had one of the points on the nut pointing upwards whereas this has a flat pointing upward.  If you would like, you can revisit our posting from July 4, 2009 which has photos of the reproduction and original side by side.


1962 Corvette Jack Modification

The nut is held on by small welds which have to be removed.


Using a hacksaw we carefully cut the welds.


1962 Corvette Jack Modification

After cutting the welds we set the jack against the anvil and smacked the nut with a hammer.  This broke the nut free.


Here is the nut after removal.


The nut needs to be cleaned up after removal.  The sawing marks need to be removed.


Using a angled die grinder with a special sanding pad, the saw marks can be removed.


The sanding disk leaves a smooth surface.


We also smoothed out the jacks surface also.


Setting the nut in place, this is the indexing we’re looking for.


Using the TIG welder, we were able to make very small weld and reattach the nut.


Upon completion, we repainted the jack and it looks great.  They will likely still be able to tell it’s a reproduction; however, this will be the best reproduction they have seen and minimal points would be deducted.