How to paint ghost flames on your hot rod

In this post  we show you the process for laying out a flame pattern on a front fender.  First masking paper is laid out on the fender and flames are sketched free-hand.

After evaluating the sketch, specific lines are chosen.

The final flame pattern is drawn out.  Once the flames are drawn out, they are cut from the masking paper with scissors.  As the flames were cut out they were held down with small pieces of masking tape.

The flames are then traced onto the fender using the cutout template.

The flame tracings on the fenders are then lined with thin vinyl tape.

The flames are then inspected to see if they have the desired look.

The tape lines are then transferred onto a sheet of transfer paper for use on the other fender.

The template is cutout from the transfer paper and taped to the other fender.  The flames are then traced onto the other fender.

The flame tracings are then lined with the vinyl tape.

After both fenders have vinyl tape lining the flames, the remaining parts of the fender are masked.

The flames are then sprayed with paint.  We used a bunch of different color pearls mixed with clear base to give the flames subtle contrast to the base color.  After you are happy with your colors and the masking is removed and clear coat can then be applied.