1959 Chevrolet Apache Truck Chassis Paint

We have stripped down the 1959 Chevrolet Apache truck to the bare chassis and have cleaned it using wire wheels and grease remover.  After cleaning it to bare steel we have painted the chassis with “Chassis Saver”, a protective coating that neutralizes and prevents rust.  We have also continued with body work on the various parts of the body.

After removing all the rust on the frame with a wire wheel, we rolled it outside to remove the grease.

We rolled the chassis out side and sprayed it with grease remover. We pressure washed it and got it nice and clean in prep for paint.

The truck Chassis is clean and ready for paint, the engine is masked off and the wheels have been removed

The 59 Chevy truck chassis ready for paint.

The 59 Chevy truck frame in the booth ready for paint.

The Chassis has been stripped down, cleaned, and prepped for paint.

This is the location where GM stamped the truck frame with the VIN number

The engine has been masked off and the chassis is being painted

59 truck frame In the booth masked off and painted.

Finished frame with Chassis Saver antique satin.

Smoothing out dents on the hood and prepping it for its next round of primer.

Finishing the body work on the Chevy truck hood.

Body working the fender of the 59 Chevy truck

Primer has been sprayed on the tailgate and fender.

Primer sprayed on the truck bed.

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