1963 Corvette Frame Repair Part III

In this post, we will show and demenstrate the process taken to complete our 1963 Corvette Frame Repair Part III.

We finished the frame repair and then started disassembling all the suspension on the Corvette frame.

1963 Corvette Frame Repair Part III

Here is the section of the frame that we had to repair.

1963 Corvette Frame Repair Part III

This is the other side of the frame.  This is what the fix needs to look like.

1963 Corvette Frame Repair Part III

Using our CNC plasma cutter, we designed this plate for the patch.

1963 Corvette Frame Repair Part III

Using the mill, we made this die to form our patch panel to the right shape.

We screwed the plate to the fixture and heated it with a torch.

Using some different tools we formed the patch panel into the die.

After forming you can see we recreated the proper shape for the frame repair.

We cut out the damaged section.

We welded in the new piece and ground it smooth.

One of the brake hose mounts for the Corvette frame was broken off.

It looks like someone hit the mount with a chisel and broke it off.

We welded the chisel marks and ground them smooth.

We then welded the mount back onto the frame.

We started to disassemble the front suspension.  Here is the front brakes after removing the drum.

This is all the suspension (spindle, steering, and control arms) on the passenger side removed.

As we disassembled the suspension we washed the parts.  Here you can see some of the original factory assembly markings.  This is the spindle.

Another faint mark on the spindle.

This is a faint assembly mark on the steering arm.  We took pictures of each assembly mark we found and the chassis detailing kit included a diagram of where all the marks should go.


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