1963 Corvette Start Up

This update is for the start up of the 1963 Corvette.  We flushed the fuel tank, pressurized the fuel system, checked for spark and so forth.

1963 Corvette

The first thing we did was to pressurize the fuel system.  We did this using an electric fuel pump. 1963 Corvette

Here you can see we just undid the fuel line from the fuel pump and ran a rubber hose to it from the electric pump. 1963 Corvette

After confirming that there were no leaks on the upper end of the 1963 Corvette fuel system we used the electric pump to empty out the fuel tank of any old gas.

1963 Corvette

After removing the spark plug shields we pulled all the spark plugs and cleaned them.  We also noticed that one of the spark plug wires was to short and was pulling out of it’s boot as you can see here.  We fixed the problem, then checked to make sure that the engine was providing spark.  All that was left then was for you to come out and turn the key!

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