1963 Corvette Spare Tire Carrier Restoration

The first task in the restoration process for the 1963 Corvette tire carrier was to give it a deep clean.

After cleaning the lid of the 1963 Corvette spare tire carrier, we masked the support rod and painted it black.

Here is the 1963 Corvette spare tire carrier tub, notice it is also painted black.

All paint was stripped for the completion of the final coat of black paint on the 1963 Corvette spare tire carrier tub.

Here were found to be grinding marks from where previous owner did a repair on the 1963 Corvette spare tire carrier tub.

We coated the marks with some of our satin clear that we’ve been using on bare steel parts and it has caused them to almost disappear.

Here is the 1963 Corvette spare tire carrier installed.

Here are some of the 1963 Corvette gauges.  You can see the gold hue in the center cones, which is what we would like to remove.

The picture does not show completely, but we used some metal polish and it removed the gold color rather easily.

Here is the 1963 Corvette air cleaner screen.

1963 Corvette alternator pulley….

1963 Corvette dipstick….

1963 Corvette owners manual….

The elusive 1963 Corvette heater box duct….

1963 Corvette alternator pulley….

Our 1963 Corvette clock, now working correctly.

1963 Corvette rear view mirror….

Vacuum advance for 1963 Corvette distributor….

Here is the tool for crimping the bushing cups on the rear trailing arm.

Here is the ground strap kit for the rag  joint on the steering column.

Correct color solenoid cap for the starter….

Here are the 1963 Corvette belt buckle flaps in decent condition, which actually need the center circles removed.

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