1960 Cadillac Convertible Top Frame Rebuild Part 1

The key to a great convertible top is in the frame.  So for our 1960 Cadillac We disassembled the top and documented the the process with around 100 photos.  The reassembly should not be too difficult with all these photos.  Hopefully posting all these photos and process will  help someone else out there.    We had to have some parts re chromed, which unfortunately means we have to remove some rivets.

Top before removal

After top removal

Prepping to remove fabric.

Top after the fabric has been removed.

Chrome that needs to be removed and rechromed.

Top after chrome removal.

This is a picture of the rivets on the chrome.  We have come up with a couple of ways to handle the rechroming of these pieces.  Some of the chrome pieces are attached to painted pieces and like the picture, some chrome pieces are attached to other chrome pieces.  So, before you  remove any rivets it is a good idea to clean the parts and asses if re-chroming is really needed.  If you do decide to redo your chrome all of the rivots need to be removed.    Make sure to note the direction of all the arms and rivots.