Corvette Progress for Customer

Here is a sample post of a Corvette Progress for Customer.


Yesterday we got a lot of the punch list knocked out on the 62.  We installed the rebound strap rivets, installed the correct style of screws on the coolant hose clamps, installed the correct soft top latches, installed the correct bolts on the steering column and cowl vent, and we altered the core support bolts to look like originals.

The list is down to a few major items (installing the control arm bushings, vin pad, firewall insulation pad, and jack) and a few small quick items.  The control arms should be finished by the end of today or tomorrow and the rest of the punch list will be finished by the end of next week.  The only thing we are waiting on is a black oxide kit which should show up in the next couple of days and the firewall insulation pad from Paragon.

As for the jack, we think we have figured out what we are going to do.  The dimensions for the bearing given to us by our judge in Tahoe (same judge we’ll have in San Jose)  matches the bearing size on our reproduction jack.  Originally we were dinged on that jack for the bearing size being to big.  However, we discovered that the bearing is the right size, the sleeve that the jack tool goes into is too small.  This makes the bearing appear too large, hence why we got dinged.  The plan is we will modify both the reproduction jack and the original jack from Larry.  We will use the original jack for judging purposes and then you will have the most original looking reproduction to keep with the car.


Corvette Progress for Customer

This is the latch we pulled out of the corvette.  Notice the parting line that runs down the center of the latch.


Corvette Progress for Customer

This is the correct latch installed in the corvette that does not have the parting line.


This is one of the coolant hose clamps with the incorrect screw.  Notice the hex head on the screw.


This is the correct screw installed on the hose clamp.


We reversed the rivets on the rebound straps.  The rivets crimped very well this time, I think the judges will be very happy.


These are the core support bolts.  The judging manual states that the bolts should have a “E” marking and a dimple in the center.  On the right hand side in this photo is the bolt we received from Paragon.  It has the “E” marking, but no dimple.  In the center of the photo is what we believe is and original bolt.  It has the “E” marking and the dimple.  On the left hand side of the photo is the bolt from paragon that we altered using the lathe (following photo).