Flat Heads for a Dodge 4.7L

With the heads remove we can see some previous repairs.

One of the major signs that this cylinder head has been removed and repaired are these dimples around the exhaust valve.  Someone did this to lock in the exhaust seat and keep it from coming out or lose.

Here is what the head looks like after it has been resurfaced.  The machine shop said that the left head was badly warped and it took 0.010″ of material removal to get it totally flat.

It is also a good idea to have  the machine shop surface the exhaust manifolds to keep them from leaking.

The engine block cleaned up well and turned out to be very flat with a good surface finish.

Now comes the fun part of cleaning and remembering were all this stuff goes.

The cylinder heads have been install and now it is time for the intake manifold and the fuel injection.

Almost back together.





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