1962 Corvette Tire Holder

In this post, we will demonstrate and show the process taken to complete and assemble the 1962 Corvette Tire Holder.

We installed a tire holder in the trailer to secure the spare tire out of the way and allow easy access to it if it were needed.


1962 Corvette Tire Holder

Here is the spare tire and the location we wanted to mount it.


1962 Corvette Tire Holder

We cut a square plate of steel to use as our mount.


1962 Corvette Tire Holder

We laid out and drilled the necessary holes in the plate.  This does take some precise measurements and careful attention to detail, but nothing to stress over.


We welded in a piece of all thread to secure the tire to the mount.


We cut a piece of channel steel to use as the clamp on the tire.


After taking measurements we cut the all-thread to length.


We painted all the parts black to help prevent rusting.


We installed the mount in the trailer.


We then install the tire in its location.   It’s right next to the door so it will be easy to access if it is ever needed.