Mustang Assembly


In this post, we will demonstrate and show the steps taken to complete a part of the Mustang Assembly project.


The painted bumper brackets


Installing the deck lid seal.


Installing the deck lid.


Installing the trunk latch.


Fabricating shims for the power steering and AC pumps.


Mocking up all the pulleys and belts.


Mock up of the crank panel.


Fabricating the AC compressor bracket.


Fabricating and mocking up the power steering mounting stud.


Painting the engine pulleys.


Installing all of the pulleys/accessories, and belts.


Disassembling original heater controls.


Installing vintage air controls.


Stripping and prepping the heater control bezel.


Painting the controller bezel.


The Scot Drake shipment arrives, lots of parts!


Installing door handles and locks.


Disassembling and cleaning original gauges.


Painting the valve covers.


Installing the painted valve covers.


Masking for trunk paint.


Installing the fuel tank after trunk paint.


Installing the door strikers.


Installing the quarter panel grills.


Installing the dash bezel.


Installing the engine sensors.


Repairing broken captive nuts for front fenders.


Fabricating the new captive nut plates.


The new captive nut installed.


Welding in the old e-brake mount.


Welding in the other side of the old e-brake mounts.


Installing the front fender end cap.


Installing the fender splash shields.


Custom wire harness for rear stereo system setup.


The vintage air heater/AC control installed.


Installing the AC vents.


Prepping interior panels for paint.


Hanging the panels for paint.


Blasting misc. interior parts.


Custom bracket made for mounting the vintage air relays and circuit breaker (mounted above glove box).


New zinc plating on the original ash tray.


Using an old wiring harness to make a new engine harness.


Linking in the engine wire harness and AC harness at the fire wall.


Mocking up new radiator.


Installation of the new AC condenser and drier.


Installation of the new radiator, shroud, and clutch fan.


Instillation of ignition switch.


Installation of headlight switch.


Installing the rear end cap trim.


Installing the new radio antenna.


Installing bolts in the clutch dust shield.


The new lower control arms.


The lower control arms installed.


Cleaning the ash tray bucket.


The ash tray installed.


This was interesting.  This is a knock-out that should have been removed at the factory to give clearance for the headlight buckets, but it was never removed.  We’re not sure how they were previously installed.


We removed the knock-out and installed the new headlamp buckets.


The head lamps installed.