1963 Chevrolet Corvette Fresh Air Vents, Heater Box, and Parking Brake.

We have cleaned and assembled and installed the fresh air vents, installed the heater assembly, cleaned painted and installed the wiper pivots, and rebuilt and installed the parking brake assembly for our 1963 Chevrolet Corvette split window coupe.

The passenger side air vent installed.

The driver side air vent installed.

This is the heater box portion that mounts in the engine compartment on the firewall.

We cleaned it up and found this date code stamped on it.  This appears to be when the heater box was pulled for assembly.  It is dated Feb. 6, 1963.

This would appear to be the manufacture date code of the housing.  It is dated Jan. 31, 1963

Here is the inner portion of the heater box installed.

Here is the outer portion of the heater box installed.

These are the wiper arm pivots.  We cleaned them up and painted the upper portion of them as they we installed before blackout was sprayed in the cowl.

Here is the passenger wiper pivot installed.

Here is the driver pivot installed.

Here is the parking brake assembly before restoration.  We disassembled all the parts and cleaned/painted them.

This is the original parking brake switch and radio capacitor.  We cleaned it all up and tested it to make sure it worked correctly.

These are the parking brake handle ratchets,  We installed new ratchets and replaced the spring.

Here is the paring brake assembly installed in the car.

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