Mustang Repair and Installation

In this post, we will show and demonstrate the process taken to complete Mustang Repair and Installation.

We have repaired and installed the quarter air vents, installed the wiper motor, fixed some under dash rust that we found, installed the hood seal, and started the vintage air mock-up and install.


The outer quarter vent installed.


We found that the inner housing for the fresh air vent was cracked so we repaired it.


We used a product called “Kitty Hair”  which is a fiberglass reinforced filler that works very well for these applications.


After fixing the one vent housing, we installed both housings in the car.


We installed the wiper motor in the car.


Up under the dash is some fresh air intakes that we found had rusted out.


We were able to repair and seal the rusted out sections using the fiberglass reinforced filler.


After fixing the rust spots we put a coat of paint on to seal it.


We gathered up the back up light housings and cleaned and polished them to determine if they were in usable condition.  After polishing and inspection all of them had blemishes that rendered them unusable.


We disassembled the gauge cluster and cleaned and inspected the gauges.


We installed the rear shocks.


We mocked up the front brake calipers.


We unpacked all the vintage air parts and set them out for assembly.


Here is the vintage air unit after assembling all the components on it.


We trimmed the firewall insulation pad to fit around the vintage air unit.


The vintage air unit installed under the dash (this is the AC ports poking through the firewall into the engine compartment).


We got the hood latch out and cleaned it up.


Here is the hood latch after blasting and painting.


The inner fender splash shields.


This is the inner fender splash shields after installing their rubber seals.


The AC condenser and components.


The AC condenser assembled and ready for mock-up and install in the car.