51 Chevrolet rear spring spacers

The 51 Chevrolet was just too low and when it went over a bump the differential would hit the body causing a terrible noise.  Sometimes the choice has to be function over form.   The new blocks raised the rear a strong inch.

Here is the original spacer that was on the vehicle.

Here is the new spacer in the box before install.  This raises the vehicle by a little more than an inch.

Because we are installing a shorter block, we use threads higher up on the spring plate u-bolts.  These threads are typically worn and rusted so we like to run a threading die over them to help rejuvenate them.  This also helps prevent galling when installing the nuts.  It is always a good idea to replace the u-bolts especially on trucks.

The new spacer blocks has a slightly larger pin that aligns the springs with the axle.  We drill out the hole and the spacers install nicely.

An overall vehicle view at the new height.

A close up of the new height.

Function over form on this 51 Chevy still looks good.