1963 Corvette Body Removal Prep

In this post, we will demonstrate and show the process taken to complete the 1963 Corvette Body Removal Prep project.

We are ready to remove the body off the chassis and have fabricated brackets and a lifting frame to remove the body.

1963 Corvette Body Removal Prep

We fabricated a set of lifting brackets that bolt tot the door jamb were the striker bolts on. This location has a reinforced metal backing plate and is tied to the bird cage making this a ideal location to bolt up.

1963 Corvette Body Removal Prep

The other location we fabricated brackets for is were the hood hinges bolt on, this location is also reinforced with a metal backing plate.

We also fabricated this metal “H” frame to lift the body with.

We welded on hoops to attach straps to to do the lift with.

Before we remove the body from the chassis I wanted to make sure to remove this ground strap.  This is the ground strap for the radio antenna.  it is made from a thin copper strip and it is specifically mentioned in the judging manual.

Here is where the ground strap attaches to the frame.  i checked it and confirmed it does appear to be the original one.


Tomorrow we will be removing the body from the frame.  We’re excited to see how the frame looks after almost 50 years of being under the body with no removal.



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